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Lomi lomi. Hawaiian Massage


Lomi Lomi. Hawaiin Massage.

Can be spiritual healing therapy. An uplift can be felt by many. A full body massage. A thong is used so that the whole body can be massaged in free flowing movements. A small towel is draped over the female chest.

Work is done on the chakra's. Salt water is used to cleanse the area. Essential oils are used to as part of this treatment.

A gentle and soothing massage.Can give so many benefits. You will need a bottle of water for afterwards. Don't wear your best clothes as a lot of oil is used for this massage.

Takes about an hour for this therapy. To be done at Chakrareiki holistic therapy centre 27 Victoria Road Mablethorpe Ln12 2AF

Before any treatment you will need to fill out and sign a consultation form

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