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Korean Hand Massage


korean hand massage can also be called Korean hand acupunture. It is based on a reflexology map. This can be a great treatment for those that suffer with repetitive strain injury or carpel tunnel syndrome.It may reduce muscle fatigue & every day aches & pains. It can be a relaxing treatment.

Reflex points on the hands corresponds with every part of the body. Finding & treating the points may relieve & desolve pain & dysfunction in other parts of the body. 

The benefits it may give ;

Improve circulation in the hand.

Ease repetitive strain injury / carpel tunnel.

Reduce stiffness 

Improve hand movement

Hydrate the skin

Reduce painful areas

May also

Reduce stress & anxiety

Help with insomnia

Improve mental tiredness

Improve physical healing

Aid relaxation

You will need to fill out a consultation form before treatment begins.

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