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Pregnancy Massage


You must check with your midwife first that she/he is happy for you to have this treatment. You must be at least 13 weeks before you can have this treatment. You will need to bring a bottle of water with you as you may get thristy. No massage is performed on the abdomin, feet or ankles. You will not be laid flat on the couch. You will be laid on either side while the massage is given. A v shaped pillow is used to help you feel comfy. Most of the massage will be working on your back area. Arms,  legs will be massaged (not on the lowest part of your legs) and a little massage on the face (the couch will be raised slightly at the head end to make you comfortable and relaxed while having the face massage). Only a base oil is used for this massage.

If your midwife would like to contact myself (Liz) I don't mind and would be a good idea if he/she is worried in anyway. Phone 01507201937   mobile  07595005460      ;       60;      & #160;       ;       60;      & #160;   email    [email protected]     or pop in and see me at chakrareiki holistic therapy centre 27 victoria road mablethorpe ln12 2dz

You will need to ask your midwife if its ok for you to have this treatment. You will need to fill out and sign a consultation form before treatment will start

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