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Ear Candling


The candles are made from Egyptian cotton and dipped in local beewax. None scented and free from additives. The treatment also includes a lymphatic facial drainage massage. The massage helps to aid relaxation. A lymphatic drainage massage helps to reduce and release any impurities that have built up. HEALTH BENIFITS: Can improve hearing, ease sinius problems, reduce glue ear, helps the lymphatic circulation. IT MAY RELIEVE: Hay fever, Some allergies, Ear ache, Tinnitus, Headaches, Migrines, Snoring and Travel sickness. OTHER BENIFITS THAT MAY OCCUR; Give an up lifting of the spirit and a feeling of calmness may be felt after wards, Can give the face a temperory face lift. Smooth out the forehead and eyebrows lines for some. Reduce puffiness around the eyes. Eyes can become whiter and brighter. Soften crow's feet and laughter lines. Improve skin tone. A soothing & relaxing treatment with many health benefits.

You will have to fill out and sign a concent form before treatment can begin.

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